Learning can be fun when you blow shit up!
The Zomer School (Summer School), was a 1.5 hour long program. It aired everyday for a month on the Belgium TV channel called Ketnet. During the Corona pandemic children needed that extra boost in education and this was the perfect way to give them that.

Together with Menno Wisselink of Yoko we designed and created the brand identity including but not limited to the logo, social posts, thumbnails, banners, headers, leader and bumpers.

We ended on a design language that was all about inflatables, things like pool toys and balloons. This really relates to summer and fun.

My part of the work mostly went into designing and creating of the logo, bumpers, leader and 3D objects.

Client: VRT
Agency: Yoko
Craft: Menno Wisselink, Fokke Mars

3D Objects Galore!

While Menno was designing the Socials and Website he asked me if i could make some fun little object for him to play with.
These are the final versions. All made within a day. Looking at them makes me want to jump in a pool and just relax.

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