What do you do when your head pops up in a porn video? Not a real one, but a deep-fake version made with artificial intelligence. It happened to Dutch presenter Welmoed Sijtsma. And she is not the only one....
WOUW! Asked me to help recreate Welmoed Sijtsma for the leader on Welmoed en de Fakes (Welmoed and the Fakes).

We photographed Welmoed her face and created a 3D scan. In Zbrush we cleaned the 3d scan and created her hair. After that we tweaked the proportions a tiny bit to represent the proportions of old Greek Busts. In the end we added displacement of fresh sculpt clay.
Welmoed en de Fakes
Client: -
Agency: WOUW!
3D Animation: True Form
2D Animation: WOUW! & True Form
3D Moddeling: Fokke Mars
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