Wacky Waving Inflatable (...)

This idea is weird and i know it but please hear me out. One day I was talking with friends. I don’t remember how but, we came upon the subject of viral videos and especially how to make one. In my opinion, the way for a video to get viral it needed to include a few things.

1. It must evoke some sort of emotion.
2. It must be unexpected.
3. it must have a pop-culture connection.
4. It must be pleasant to look at.

And this is what I thought of!
The problem with my creation is that not everyone is willing to share a GIF of a flapping penis to their colleagues or family.
Who would have thought right?

Making this piece was amazing and also horrible. To work on a animation of a flapping penis with your colleagues around you, looking at your screen, shouting funny comments. That is something you need to learn to be comfortable with. Also giving it the feeling of air being pushed through.. it, was also not that easy.

When i look back at it i just love it. It's so random but also just a great little animation that is silly and innocent enough to be shared between friends.
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