This documentary series investigates maybe the biggest miscarriage of justice in the Netherlands, using unique material including 160 interrogation tapes.
Were nine men sentenced to prison even though they were innocent?
In 1998, nine men plan a large-scale burglary of an villa in Arnhem, during which the lady of the house is shot dead in her bedroom. A friend of the lady is slightly wounded and left for dead. The nine men are caught a few months later and subsequently disappear behind bars for five to twelve years.
That, in a nutshell, is the robbery murder, popularly known as:
The Villa murder of Arnhem (Dutch: De Arnhemse Villamoord)

But was it really like that? Are these men really guilty? And if not, what could have happened?
Client: KRO-NCRV
Agency: WOUW!
3D Animation: Fokke Mars
Season 1

The first season lays out the groundwork of the case and what supposedly happened all these years ago. And how since then the remaining suspects and their families are fighting back.
Interrogation tapes and paperwork has also been brought to light that was never seen before and shows a whole other side of this case.

Season 2

In the second season the investigation into the villa murder continues to unravel. Criminals, prostitutes and cops tell what really happened behind the scenes at the police. How nine men had to disappear behind bars at all costs.
My part in these title sequences was creating the 3d assets and rendering them.
Flying Papers!

In season 1 of the Villamoord many documents that where never seen before were brought to light
A police report with lots of damaging documents that show a different story all together.
In the leader we tried to put the spotlight on those papers. Showing the effect they have on the case and bringing it back into the collective.

A Wall of TV's!

In season 2 of the Villamoord we focus on the malpractices of the police team.

How the police and especially the "Dotterteam" used drug addicts and
prostitutes to get intel and allegedly frame individuals.

In the leader we put a focus on a old television where a documentary of the Dotterteam is played. Showing how the once glorified team may not have been so good after all.

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