TivoliVredenburg and Budweiser present: Video Artwork Canvas
During this new exhibition “What Does Freedom Look Like?” 14 other artists and I depict in our way and through our visual art what freedom means to us.
Subjects such as Black Lives Matter, Feminism, the corona crisis and loneliness are portrayed with eye-catching works. Wireless headphones with introductions and accompanying soundscapes create an audio experience that connects to the hypnotic, moody or sometimes hilarious visuals.
My Inspiration
When thinking of a concept for this project several things crossed my mind but the biggest one was travelling. 
When travelling, I often find the journey more liberating than the destination. the landscapes that pass by makes me feel like I can go anywhere I want. I've had this since I was a kid. The endless car rides to our vacation destinations where I did nothing but look outside and fantasize about the little towns, giant farms and forests.
In Transit
Client: Tivoli Vredenburg
Animation & Design: Fokke Mars
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