This documentary series investigates an almost 40-year-old murder and the seemingly false confession 19 years later, which sentenced four men to prison.
In 1985, a cashier of a Shell petrol station is found death in her car near the station, the 28-year-old was stabbed to death. In 2001 a unanoumus tip resulted in the arrest of four men and after and acquittal by court, sentenced to prison for five to eight years by the court of appeal in 2004. Of these four men Godfriet van Haut is the only one who has always denied his involvement.
That, in a nutshell, is the robbery murder, popularly known as:
The Petrol Station murder of Warnsveld (Dutch: De Warnsveldse Pompmoord)

But was it really like that? Are these men really guilty? And if not, what could have happened?
Client: KRO-NCRV
Agency: WOUW!
Concept: WOUW! & Fokke Mars
3D Animation: Fokke Mars
2D Animation: WOUW!

In this title sequence, we see a projector turning on. We see short segments of TV programs and newspaper articles projected on walls and objects. Little by little we distance ourselves, and it becomes clearer what we are looking at. The crime scene. And what lights up the crime scene? The evidence.

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