I was hired by Wouter Kroese of WOUW.com to help with the leader for Na de Klap. 
Na de Klap is a 5-part documentary series in which journalist Tom Kleijn goes back to spots around the world where disaster has happened. From London, Enschede, Genoa, Paradise and Fukushima. He examines how the local community continued their lives when media coverage disappeared. What scars does such a disaster leave? How do those affected recover after this blow? "Na de Klap" shows the resilience of people who experienced the unimaginable.

My part in the production was helping with the visual style development and the creation of the 3D animation shots throughout the leader.

You can watch all episodes of Na de Klap here:
Progress of Fukushima

For the setting of Fukushima we tried to recreate a amazing photograph of a wall full of toxic soil.

The idea was to project on these bags but in the end we decided to use a regular wall and have the bags lay perpendicular from that wall.
Progress of Grenfell Tower
How we would project on Grenfell Tower was a easy choice. the huge banners that tower had on it were the perfect match.

Creating the wind simulation for the cloth was quite a hassle but a amazing exercise for me to learn more about dynamics. In the end i'm pretty happy with the simulation but the whole shot could have been better.

Progress of Camp Fire, Paradise

The fire that ravaged the small town of Paradise in California was my favorite to tackle. The first idea i had was footage of fire being projected on a tree.

To make the tree i used a piece of software that i had never used before and it was a lot of fun to try. In the end we used footage that was shot during the fire in Paradise.

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