Simply Liquorice flavoured with Honey. An amazing variant on liquorice and one of the most popular in The Netherlands. Every brand has their version of it and this is maybe the most iconic of them all Venco Honingdrop.

For this scene i was heavily inspired by Luke Doyle and his recent creations.
I wanted to make an idyllic scene, maybe even a bit romantic. The way you would feel while eating that piece of liquorice. It was also just an amazing time to work on this piece. Putting lavender in the scene, (my favourite flower) and just working with my favourite colour in general is just such a joy.
You could say i am a bit obsessed with liquorice.
As someone that grew up in The Netherlands liquorice is something that is part of your culture.
This is the case for a lot of places in Europe like Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland, and Germany.
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