Yes, you should wear sunscreen every day.
The sun is so amazing! Being outside and soaking up those rays of sunshine can fight depression by providing vitamin D, it can strengthen your bones and even help with blood pressure.

But.. it's also very dangerous. Besides the risks of looking directly at the sun, too much unprotected sun exposure to your skin can increase the risk of skin cancer and cause early skin ageing. It doesn't even need to be summer or warm outside for this to happen. harmful ultraviolet rays are bountiful.
Because I want to work more in editorial illustrations, I decided to make several "fake" illustrations and this is one of them. I think it's important that these illustrations are about subjects that I support and have a connection with. 
As a Red haired individual i have learned the importance of wearing sunscreen from an early age.
If i spend time outside in mildly warm weather i will get sunburned without question. And of course i get sunburned faster then a lot of other people but even if you don't get sunburned you are still damaging your skin by not protecting it.

So everybody, wear sunscreen!
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