This unique animationshow 'The Archive is Alive' was produced for the reopening of the Utrechts Archive with a new permanent exhibition 'Utrecht starts here'. This new exhibiton is for the citizen of Utrecht or a tourist the perfect starting point for the history of Utrecht. The room 'The Archive is Alive',
where this show will be shown is situated next to the entrance of the archive.
In the animation show, Utrecht's historical figures come to life from prints, drawings and photographs. On the basis of documents from the archive, they then tell about the origins and development of the city. Together with communication agency Podium, animation studio Colorbleed produced the script and the animations.
The voice actors were recorded in the Manglemoose studio, which is within walking distance of the archive. Besides the sound, we also made video recordings of the voice actors so that Colorbleed could reproduce the facial expressions as realistically as possible. The voice actors who interpret the historical characters are: Sander de Heer, Hadass Pelter and Rogier van Schoonderwoerd den Bezemer. If you ever find yourself in the city centre of Utrecht, step inside the archive to experience this unique animation show.
Het Utrechts Archief


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