Chiba Lotte Marines Mascot

A lot of sport clubs have a mascot. The Baseball team called Chiba Lotte Marines are no different in that regard. Their Mascot, Mysterious fish (謎の魚, Nazo-no-sakana) is a new mascot character since May 2017. He is a weird fish with legs.
The mascot has also different stages and goes through those stages during the match. From a fish with legs, to a skeleton going out of a mouth, to a running skeleton.

I'm a big fan of the YouTube channel called Drawfee. On the show one of the hosts had to draw the mascot using a description of it. I loved the design that the host came up with and i had to sculpt it.
The original mascot of the Chiba Lotte Marines
The interpretation of the mascot by Jacob Andrews (Drawfee)
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