During my time at Colorbleed i got to work on the 3D Illustrations for BOTS.

BOTS is a Investing app that uses AI Bots that invest for you. You can choose different kinds of bots that differ in Investment strategy.

My part in this production was designing the Bots together with Gijs van Kooten. After the design process i was tasked with translating these designs to the illustrations.
Steps in the early design process
When i get a new assignment i always start with sketching. It's a really easy and fast way for me and the customer to get on the same wave length.

The client knew they wanted a assortment of characters in the Voxel Style. These characters needed to be both Robots and stock brokers at the same time.
These examples are from the early stage of the process where we were still trying to find the balance between "stock broker" and "robots". the final design leaned more into the stock broker side.

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