André Kuipers is one of my greatest heroes. When I was young I wanted nothing more than to grow and be a Bat. But becoming an Astronaut was a close second.

I became neither of them but Artist was my third option so all is well.

This Artwork is a tribute to one of the few Dutch Astronauts. And i think, somebody who ignited dreams of wonder in many kids and adults alike, and maybe one day future astronauts.

The Patches

For this piece i really wanted to use the correct patches the astronauts had on during their mission.
I scoured the internet for these patches and most of them i were lucky to find, other i had to make myself.

from left to right and top to bottom it's

1. Sojoez TMA-03M Mission patch.
2. Name Patch using the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.
3. The Flag of The Netherlands.
4. ISS Expedition 30 Patch.
5. Russian spacesuit manufacturer, Zvezda
6. ESA astronaut patch.
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